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April 26, 2013

It felt so good to spill my guts yesterday. I want to do that more often but I go back and forth with thinking that maybe I’m being too open or TMI? But then I tell myself that no matter how open I am, I stand by the fact that the things I talk about here, are things that I wouldn’t mind my own Grandma reading about so I’d like to continue. We are quite a liberal family anyways where the words fuck, dick and balls flies around without a second thought. So I suppose the Grandma test isn’t really a great way to measure my TMI-ness against anyways. Anywhoooo…

Enjoy this weeks favorite internet finds!
These are such beautiful vector flowers! I don’t want to have to make an account to buy
them though. Too lazy.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen the inside of our new home but I think there is a mantle
to put painted bottles like these on.
I can never get enough of anything cactus or succulent related.
This print by Melinda Boyce makes me happy.
Make your own felt Chewy!!
Ready to lolz? The 25 worst dogs you went to college with.

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