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March 21, 2014

Spring is here! Is it here to stay? I really freakin hope so. It’s supposed to be in the low 60s tomorrow and I can’t wait to open up the windows and breathe in the freshness…oh and wash my car. I’m so sick of the salt and the dryness!

Lately I’ve been all about the ‘DIY and Crafts’ category on Pinterest. I just can’t get enough. I have so many projects I want to make it’s overwhelming but I can’t stop looking. Are you making anything this weekend?

I’m buying this pillow from Earth Cadets. It’s not even up for debate.

This embroidery is adorably offensive and I wish I could hang it in my cubicle at work
without getting in trouble.

5 great ways to print your Instagram photos.

I LOVE when I find new-to-me blogs and go crazy over their amazing
photos and projects, like on Color ‘n Cream.
Click to read about the beautiful yarn brands she uses.

This crocheted bag is beautiful!

These DIY air dry clay jewelry dishes are so cute.

I love the look of these dipped jars! It’s easier to do than you’d think.

I think these soaps would make nice little gifts for when we move to Colorado
and send out our new address to people haha.

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