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November 6, 2015

You know, I think blogging is going dead. Or maybe I’m just not following enough? I always see posts that say it’s the beginning of the end of blogging, but I actually for the first time believe it, especially over the last few weeks or so. I find myself wanting to read something to keep myself entertained for a few minutes, but there’s few to no new posts in my feed. Or maybe I’m just going stir crazy from not working and waiting to give birth that I need to get my fix more often? I used to find new blogs to read through sidebar buttons but no one seems to do that anymore so I’m stuck. So maybe if you know of any good reads, help a girl out and please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Over 40 girls were removed from class for wearing leggings in one day at TN high school

She tells her Grandma she’s been cheated on so Grandma tells her to do this

The top 20 most addictive foods, according to study

Crocheters/Knitters: Look at this cool way to block a hat

Oh yea, homemade nutter butters

Here’s what winter weather will be like in your state this year

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