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August 29, 2014

So I got a job this week! It happened so fast I really wasn’t expecting anything to come of my applying but the clinic needed someone to train asap and cover for a worker’s vacation in 2 weeks. They called me Monday and I went in on Tuesday to start. No interview or anything. I guess one man’s desperation is another’s man’s benefit!

The only thing is it’s 80 miles north and it takes me a good hour and 15 minutes to get there, sometimes more when there’s traffic. When I was applying for jobs I guess I sorta kinda didn’t Google the location (being new here I have yet to learn where towns are) because I honestly didn’t think I’d get any bites as usual. Go figure. It’s a rough commute, but I like the job so far and everyone’s really nice there. After I cover the lady’s vacation (and given I don’t completely mess things up because I’ll be all on my own and they fire me), they’ll keep me on schedule one day a week which is fine with me! I get experience and I only have to do that killer drive once a week.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I found this just in time when my loom obsession began: Anatomy of a Loom.
I still need to buy a good one though instead of using cardboard.

These look delicious and perfect for fall: Super fast cider spiced donut holes.

Mail box win!

I’m adding this crochet project to my to-crochet list: Granny square baskets.

I’m making this 7 layer Greek hummus dip for our labor day bbq.

And this, my friends, looks amazing: Cowboy Bark (Trader Joe’s copy cat recipe).

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