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February 28, 2014

I’m so happy it’s Friday. This week was an easy one and it was my sister’s birthday on Monday so we took her out to The Melting Pot for fondue. I had my yearly review at work and I did pretty well. I even got a raise. It was pocket change but still a raise none the less so I can appreciate that. Let’s see, I also got my first really hate filled blog comment on my latest Around Here post that was rather shocking (don’t bother looking for it I deleted it) but I’m surprised at how easily I let it roll off my back. I always knew I’d get one one day so now that it’s over with, I don’t have to have that anticipation anymore. But it was like she was just waiting for the right moment to really lean into me and boy did she. I hope she feels better now!

Also I will be announcing the winner of the My Ireland Box giveaway tonight.Β Enjoy this week’s dump!

These photos of pit bulls in a photobooth are melting my heart!
There’s also dalmations, bulldogs, and bostsons in there too.

Did you know a mason jar could do this?
I love how the trendiness of mason jars allows for cool lid features like this to exist.

Fred and Carrie reveal the meaning of “A-O River!” I love Portlandia so much.

I want this mug so bad but it’s sold out! R2D2 mug.

I also want everything in this shop, Light + Ladder! They make gorgeous planters.

The things you can do with contact paper: DIY animal planter.

This DIY is seriously amazing and seems pretty do-able to me: DIY upholstered ottoman.

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