Bookmark Dump: Onlies, things of the past, and yarn secrets

October 17, 2015

Ima try something different and post these Bookmark Dumps on the weekend for a while and see the response I get…or not. I know for me, personally, I always appreciate finding a kick ass linky post on the weekends when there’s nothing going on in blog land and all I really wanna do is read blogs.

I haven’t even had our kid yet and I feel like I could’ve written this:
I’ll tell you why I only have one kid

10 things I grew up with that my kids will never know about

Seeing these play purses brought back a ton of childhood memories!

Three yarn secrets every crocheter should know

Hmm…This doctor can tell you what you eat just by looking at you

OMG would you just look at him?!
Amigurumi turtle pattern

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