Bookmark Dump: Pop-culture pillows, JPGS vs PNGS, and Puppies

January 30, 2015

I’m quite please with this week’s dump. Lots of cute, interesting, yummy, and crafty things lie ahead for you!

14 pop-culture inspired pillows that’ll elevate your couch game.
Can I please have this?!

Healthy peanut butter oatmeal cookies – No flour, eggs, oil, or added sugar!

Tif made an absolutely beautiful “numptie.” I love the embroidery on the crochet!

Good to know! JPG vs PNG: when and how to use them

Why are some croissants straight and others curved? I had no idea! (via My Life as a Teacup)

I’d like to make some crochet taxidermy

I also wantΒ to make this gorgeous shawlini. Free pattern here.

27 reasons why being a puppy is actually much harder than it appears

I love how realistic these amigurumi cats are! Pattern from Planet June.

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