Bookmark Dump: Prison librarians, apple pie cocktails, and rope baskets

November 1, 2015

How was your Halloween? We got around 70 trick or treaters and there was a point we weren’t sure our giant candy bag would last. We made it though, with a few Starbursts to spare. Which unfortunately for me, means I have no chocolate to eat today haha. Enjoy your extra hour today! Even though my wrists are killing me, I’m going to finish crocheting a hat. I hope this carpel tunnel isn’t giving me permanent damage. I can’t pick up my friend’s baby without shooting pains. Kinda makes me nervous….

5 scary stories by badass women writers

Interview with a prison librarian

Sparkling apple pie cocktail

DIY no-sew rope coil basket

How to add a liner to your hats

I would love to knit this one day!
Lucy hat pattern

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