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May 27, 2016

Why does everyone consider Memorial Day a holiday to kick off summer if it’s such a somber day? Where did the idea to celebrate even come from? Commercials advertising celebrating the day with sales, neighborhood parties and bbq’s. It’s more for reflecting than celebrating, right? No hard feelings to anyone celebrating, we’ll be bbq’ing too, it just seems confusing. I know if I lost someone in the line of duty, I wouldn’t want to celebrate that day or hear people say “happy” memorial day to me. Just sayin.

This onesie is pretty much every baby’s life

Next project: Fab-ify your flip flops (free crochet pattern)

10 gorgeous outdoor reading nooks
I want to be in this bubble during a rain storm!

When you’re the mom without a village

I love this bag! (It’s sold out though)

If Disney princesses were parents

The secret you need to know about ebooks (how to get free or cheap ones)

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