Bookmark Dump: Stupid Instagram Rules, Quizzes, and Love Languages

September 1, 2017

Man, it was hot this week. Summer is refusing to let anyone think she’s leaving anytime soon. All I have to say is as soon as it’s September, the fall decorations go up. Unfortunately, it usually stays hot around here until early October. Oh well, too bad! I already have our fall photos scheduled (which we use on our Christmas cards) and tentative dates set for pumpkin picking and seeing the fall foliage! PLEASE GO AWAY SUMMER πŸ™‚

I know, I know … I’m using Instagram all wrong and I don’t care

This Is Why It Can Be So Difficult to Make (and Keep) New Friends in Your 30s
This topic always interests me

Quiz: We can guess your age based on your taste in music
I got age 45!

Quiz: Learn your love language

Joann’s has some pretty cute project bags!

These look delicious: Modern Scotcheroos

10+ Genius Camera Hacks That Will Greatly Improve Your Photography Skills In Less Than 3 Minutes

*Huge eyeroll* BeyoncΓ© will release a $300, 600-page coffee table book
Because we can all totally afford that…

This is hilarious!
Video: Rob Pattinson trying to eat a hot dog

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