Bookmark Dump: TWD, Free Shutterfly Books, and DIY Photo Backdrops

October 28, 2016

All week I couldn’t stop thinking about The Walking Dead season 7 premier. It’s a strange feeling to be so excited for a show to return, only to know you’re going to cry really hard because it’s going to be completely brutal and awful. But that just means the show did a great job with connecting its characters with the audience.

But in lighter news, Halloween is just around the corner and it will be the last of Lachlan’s first holidays. I’m hoping my old garden gnome costume will still fit. And I’m not sure what parents of a 1 year old do for trick or treating because it seems obvious to me that the candy isn’t for the baby but for us parents, and that makes me feel kind of slimey like I’m using my kid for free candy for us haha ok I’m overthinking this.

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