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October 4, 2013

Since I forgot last week’s dump, this week’s will be double the fun! I’m feeling so good lately from running – I could totally put, like, 20 exclamations points after that to express how I really feel but I will refrain.  I lost 3 pounds, I am off my meds as of tomorrow morning and I can’t believe I don’t have my headaches back … yet. I never thought that would happen but here we are. I’m also happy to have gone to the dentist earlier this week and I have 0 cavities. That never happens either! Also, the weather has been really warm and un-fall like. These days are numbered but I’m enjoying it.

What’s your bag holding style? I’m thumb-to-pit.

25 pieces of evidence that punk is dead. This makes me feel first sad, then second old.

I want this Vader bath rug!

Attention bookworms: 5 ways to find your next book. I love things like this.

This in an interesting account at how Americans look to an International student.
The weirdest things about America.

41 reasons why pugs are the most majestic creatures on earth. YES to all of these!

I LOVE this SNL skit about e-meth (AHEM! Breaking Bad fans will love this).

Another funny video :: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Justin Bieber
Even though I’m not a Belieber, I like when celebrities can poke fun at themselves.

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