Broken TVs, knitting, and online garage sales

September 18, 2016

  • Our TV of not even 5 years burnt out. These pieces of crap plasma screen tv’s don’t stand a chance. Why is everything so shittily made these days? There’s tv’s from the 80’s that are still working but everything today is a piece of crap. We tried to get it repaired but there were too many things broken and would’ve cost nearly the same to fix as a brand new one. Guess we’ll be investing in a warranty with this new one. When thinking of the future, I can’t help but imagine if it will become standard practice to buy a new tv every month if the quality of electronics continues to decline
  • I’m trying to expand my knitting skills to more than just garter stitch. I’ve found a really good book from the library, Learn How to Knit with 50 Squares, and so far it’s easier than I thought it would be.
  • I went to a Mary Kay party last night and bought a lipstick. The lady is gonna call me today to try to recruit me to be a hostess. Errrrr.
  • I’ve been selling a few things on my local Facebook garage sale page and it’s addicting so I’m going to try and sell some of my handmade hats to clear out my inventory next week. But I found that people are either flaky and stand you up after waiting all day for them to come, never having it cross their minds to maybe send a message saying they can’t come, or they’re just jerks because they can hide behind a screen. NIL means next in line, so people write NIL to hold their space if they are interested in an item. And I’ll go down the line to each and every pathetic soul interested in my $15 table until I find one who will actually buy it. So when I sold this one table, the first lady who responded could only manage to pick it up 4 days later. So everyone who was NIL was all, “Well? Gees, is it sold?” It kinda felt like cyber bullying. Even as I marked it sold people kept commenting. Sure, thinking back I guess I coulda updated my post to say “sale pending,” but if people would just read the comments they’d have seen the sale was pending based on our conversation. When all was said and done, I just deleted everything because I’d get a rush of anxiety anytime I saw I had a notification.
  • Lachlan has been a super grump these last few days. He’s constantly whining and nothing will keep his attention. It’s been stressful on me because I am starting to wonder if something else is wrong. If he keeps it up, I’m going to call his doctor tomorrow. He cries as if he hurt himself but there’s nothing I can see. Hoping it’s just a passing phase.
  • I’m already excited for Christmas. I don’t care that it’s still so early.
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