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diy pom pom nursery mobile

DIY Pom Pom Nursery Mobile: A step-by-step tutorial

I knew I wanted to make as many of my own nursery decorations as I could (so far we have blackout drapes, pillows, blankets, and now this mobile). And once I realized how easy it is to make your own pom poms, I was set…

July 20, 2015
no sew black out drapes

DIY No Sew Blackout Drapes: The Final Reveal!

When we moved in to our house, we spent weeks sleeping in our bedroom without drapes and everyday we were up with the sun. That got old real quick so I got to work on these no-sew blackout drapes. I had my eye on…

September 30, 2014
my first yarn wall weaving

My first weaving

I was seeing so many beautiful weavings on Instagram and Pinterest lately and I had to give it a go and make one for myself. So I grabbed one of our hundreds of moving boxes, cut a big piece of cardboard off, made little…

September 17, 2014
summer hearts mandala

What’s on my hook: Summer Hearts Mandala

I love all of Wink’s mandala patterns and I think her Summer Hearts mandala is my fave. The grey line of surface crochet gives it a cool look I think.…

June 23, 2014
painted succulent pots

Painted succulent pots

We went to Lowe’s over Memorial Day weekend and they had the greatest selection of succulents (I find Lowe’s is better than Home Depot in regards to plants). And I’ve had another craft project on my to-do list which involved painting some pots. I…

June 4, 2014
crochet color block pillow

What’s on my hook: Color block pillow

I was really craving a craft project last Friday but couldn’t settle on something and I found myself becoming grumpy with frustration. What the hell is that even called, crafter’s blue balls? So I went through my crochet pin board and found a pillow…

May 27, 2014
crochet placemat

Projects on my hook and craft table

I have so many unfinished crochet projects lying around and it’s driving me nuts. The main reason for this is that I run out of yarn quicker than I expect. Knit Picks and their small balls. It’s all my own stupid fault for not…

May 14, 2014

4 really impressive handmade Star Wars crafts

May the 4th be with you! I’m letting my inner nerd out by sharing these impressive handmade Star Wars crafts for the occasion. Even non-crafty folks can appreciate these! This is not the quilt you’re looking for. Oh, yes it is!! I would do…

May 4, 2014
clover crochet hook case review

My Thoughts On Clover Crochet Hooks

I’ve had this Clover crochet hook set and case since Christmas last year and I love them so much I thought I’d write a review on them. I’ve had a few blog readers and people on Instagram ask me how I like them because…

May 1, 2014

What’s on my Hook: Crochet Heart Pillow

Let me start off by saying that I love Monica’s pattern for this pillow. It was really easy and she had great photo tutorials throughout. And her pillow looks ADORABLE. My beef is with this god awful yarn, Jersey be Good from Wool and…

April 30, 2014