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miami beach newborn blanket crochet pattern

What’s on my hook: Miami Beach Baby Blanket

I’m so in love with this blanket! I posted before that it’s been a crochet bucket list project and it feels so good to cross it off my list! The details: The pattern is by CreJJtion. You can purchase your own here. The yarn…

September 14, 2015
crochet amish puzzle ball

What’s on my hook: Amish Puzzle Ball

I would have never attempted to make this if it hadn’t been for All About Ami’s photo tutorial! It’s really not as hard to make as you’d think. Of course, I’m not happy with how much I stuffed it. The pattern said to use…

August 3, 2015

What’s on my hook: Cloud pillow and newborn aviator hat

FINALLY! OMG. It’s been almost 5 months since I last posted a crochet project because I just haven’t felt like crocheting! At all. I was s.l.o.w.l.y finishing my lumpy cloud pillow since first getting pregnant, but it was so much bigger than I anticipated…

July 14, 2015

What’s on my hook: Pretty Triangle Scarf

I’m on a shawl kick! I can’t get enough of this Chroma yarn from Knit Picks (this specific colorway is Lake Front). This is one of my first projects using a fingering-weight yarn. I usually prefer to use worsted as I like the way…

February 18, 2015

What’s on my hook: Baby dragons

Oh my, usually I hate the way my amigurumi turns out. I do good making all the pieces, until it comes to putting them all together. They usually come out looking deformed to me, but this little dragon I think came out looking pretty…

February 4, 2015

What’s on my hook: V-eekender Scarf/Shawlette

One of the items on my crochet bucket list has been a smallish shawl (which is known as a shawlette, I had no idea. You learn something new everyday!) so that I could wear it as a scarf and not look too much like…

January 28, 2015

What’s on my hook: Baskets and elephants and uteri

I’ve been on a crochet kick lately! Here’s some recent wips: Granny square basket, inspired by Victoria. Free pattern can be found here. I finally finished this little elephant that I started last summer. I ran out of yarn and finally got around to…

January 21, 2015

What’s on my hook: My first Tunisian stitch cowl

I fell in love with Tunisian crochet (aka the afghan stitch) as soon as I realized just how incredibly easy it is if you already know how to do traditional crochet. Seriously, if you can do a single or double crochet stitch, you can…

January 14, 2015

What’s on my hook: Triple Luxe Cowl

This crochet pattern, which looks very much like knitting, has been making it’s rounds in the #crochet community on Instagram and Ravelry. I finished mine a few months back but haven’t gotten around to sharing it yet. So…..ta-da! Free pattern by the lovely (and…

January 7, 2015
newborn crochet pumpkin hat

What’s on my hook: Recent Baby WIPS

When one has baby fever and can’t get pregnant, the only cure (besides IVF) is to crochet baby things. Here’s some recent baby wips. All patterns are free! Newborn pumpkin hat: Newborn devine hat: Diamond stitch baby blanket:…

December 3, 2014