Cool feeding tools for babies starting solids

June 7, 2016

When we started introducing Lachlan to solids, I started having so much fun! There are so many cool little devices to help you and your baby get used to the switch and make things as easy and convenient as possible. I had ZERO clue these things even existed (except for the spoons, duh) and now I can’t get enough. Our kitchen is going to run out of space.

1. Boon Pulp | 2. ez pz happy mat | 3. Munchkin Suction Bowls | 4. Nuk Mash & Serve Bowl | 5. Gerber Graduates Spoons | 6. Boon Squirt | 7. Nuk Freezer Tray with Lid | 8. Fit and Fresh Baby Food Prep Steamer | 9. Boon Catch Plate

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