Crafting is my therapy

April 10, 2014

This is Mabel’s derp face.

Hey guys. Every now and then I like to go back through my own archives and look at my blog as if I were a reader and I realize that lately I’ve been posting a TON of craft related things. And I love that, don’t get me wrong because yarn makes me ridiculously happy and I love inspiring and sharing with others (have you seen my crochet pattern gallery?), but I also miss having more personal types of posts too like I used to have. It’s just that lately, nothing has been going on around here that’s blog worthy because we’re up to our ears with infertility things (which I won’t be going into detail about) and it’s seriously consuming both of our lives right now. It’s nuts. Like every waking moment we are either thinking about the finances of these doctor visits, or about what we should be doing differently (there is nothing we can do so we feel helpless), or how many times we are going to have to go through another disappointment or receive new piece of bad news. Right now it seems never ending, really discouraging, and scary. Just not knowing if any of the things we are doing and spending mucho dinero on will produce any results is what’s the worst. So crafting is my way of grasping onto any little piece of control I have and it gives me something positive (and pretty) to focus on.


I’m not trying to justify why I’m blogging about the things I’m blogging about because that would be lame. I just wanted to let you know that I  know I’ve been a little absent in the blogging-about-life thing lately and I’m hoping I haven’t driven people who aren’t into crochet away. I still intend for this to be a lifestyle blog, even though I hate that stupid term. The desire to blog is still there, I’ve just kinda hit an inspiration roadblock.

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