Crochet Mood Blanket – Progress thus far

January 21, 2014

I promised you a post on my squares so here it is! I am so happy with the pattern and yarn I chose to make this project. The yarn is SO incredibly soft and squishy which makes it hard to limit myself to my original plan of 2 squares a week.

The yarn I’m using is Deborah Norville’s Everyday Soft Worsted and the pattern is Jan Eaton’s Willow Block. The pattern is from the book 200 Crochet Blocks, but if you sign up for the free ebook on Crochet Me, the pattern for the square is in there. I didn’t know that until AFTER I sat and stared at pictures online of other people’s Willow blocks and figured out the pattern myself, so they probably aren’t exact but I’m happy with them.

I did a variation on the white border though. I used this tutorial on Annie’s Place to make it solid instead of what the pattern in the book says, which is more hole-y.

Originally I was going to do 2 squares a week but obviously I have an issue with self control so it looks like I’ll be doing 1 a day. And even though the colors are supposed to reflect my mood, I’m too controlling for that because in the end I don’t want a blanket that’s all of two colors because I’m usually anxious and happy most of the time. So I’m choosing the color based on whatever appeals to me in the moment. Maybe I should have a color for feeling controlling because that’s what this project is making me realize about myself, at least when it comes to making things lol!

Also, this project is very therapeutic for me because it’s the ONLY thing in my life at the moment that I have any control over. So if these photos seem a bit OCD, it’s because they are. Plus, who doesn’t love yarn porn anyway?

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