Crochet Resource List

Over the last few months of my obsessive crocheting explosion, I’ve gathered a huge list of links and favorite videos on YouTube that have helped me teach myself how to crochet. And so many of you have left lovely comments on my work saying you wish you could crochet too. Well guess what? Now you don’t have a reason not to learn! I’ve gathered the best resources I could find on teaching yourself how to crochet and have listed them all below in one spot for you to refer to. I have since made a few of my own video tutorials which are indicated below. So bookmark this page and put aside a few minutes each day to finally teach yourself.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?
Crochet tools
Crochetย conversion chart for US and UK terminology
Stitch abbreviations chart – for reading patterns
How to read a yarn label

My own video tutorials – Basic crochet stitches (and abbreviations):
How to make a slipknot
How to hold the yarn and do the chain stitch (ch)
Single crochet (sc)
Half double crochet (hdc)
Double crochet (dc)
Triple/treble crochet (tr) and finishing off (fo)
Slip stitch (sl st)not my tutorial
How to make a magic ring
How to use a stitch marker to mark the end of your rows

Getting a little more comfortable:
How to make a granny square and read a patternmy tutorial
How to do granny stripes

Circles – crocheting in the round

Reading patterns:
How to read a pattern with an example amigurumi pattern being crocheted
Reading a crochet pattern using words
Reading a crochet pattern using a chart – If you are more of a visual person and prefer to see symbols instead of words. Also good if the pattern is in another language and they provide this chart you’ll be able to still read it.

My all time favorite learning resources:
Crafty Minx Crochet School – A great resource with high quality videos for total newbie beginners or if you’d like to touch up on your skills. Plus, just the name Crochet School is totally adorable.

Mikeyssmail’s YouTube Channel –ย This guy is great! Anytime I searched YouTube for a tutorial, I always found one of his videos in the search results.

Hectanooga’s YouTube Channel – She makes it look so easy (because it is!) and she explains what she’s doing really well.

Crochet Geek’s YouTube Channel – She has visually clear video tutorials for learning the basics (I linked to some of her videos in the basic stitches section above) and also for some patterns.

Planet June – Once you get comfortable with crocheting and reading patterns, June creates and sells the cutest amigurumi patterns in her shop and has a few crochet tutorials specific to amigurumi over there too. She is really helpful if you need to reach out to her for help.

My favorite places for free patterns:
Lion’s Brand
Lily Sugar n Creme

My favorite places for paid patterns:
Planet June
Pepika Amigurumi
6060 – for eyes and noses

For inspiration:
My crochet pin board
Jaravee’s amigurumi Flickr
Crochet group on Flickr
Amigurumi group on Flickr

My go-to places for crochet supplies:
Hobby Lobby
Knitting Warehouse