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May 27, 2017

How happy I am that Brian’s back from a 4 day work trip and that we have a 3 day weekend with no plans.

Just finished The Miniaturist, currently reading Orphan Train (and The Twilight Zone Companion in between), and I have Hater on deck.

I can tell you what I’m NOT wearing: a bra. It’s going on three days now and it’s amazing.

My newest obsession is rock painting! I bought 2 sets of Uni-Posca paint pens from Amazon and have been searching Pinterest for inspiring (and SUPER easy) things to draw.

I’m also still in the early stages of knitting up my Cardinia wrap and I’m SO in love with the colors for once. Like, I will actually wear this when I’m done!

Just finished delicious pork tacos from Hello Fresh. Now I want chocolate.

That you can order soft serve ice cream for delivery like pizza or Chinese food. And I’m not talking Grub Hub. I want this to be an everyday, easily accessible option.

Our TEN year wedding anniversary next month! Holy shit. I’m also excited about getting our cement patio poured so we can have a nicer, prettier, cleaner looking back yard for BBQs and chilling out.

Mommy Dead and Dearest, a true crime documentary. OMG so awful and sad but interesting all the same.

I also just finished watching I Love Dick on Amazon (so weird and funny but damn is Kevin Bacon HOT. He’s gotten hotter the older he gets. Guys are so lucky in that sense), and I’m going to give Twin Peaks a second chance. I just couldn’t get into it the first time.

Also, as I read The Twilight Zone Companion, I’m watching the corresponding episode on Netflix after I read about it in the book. *cough NERD cough*

Unsure of:
If I want to watch Handmaid’s Tale. Just thinking about it gives me a stomach ache. I know once I start I won’t wanna stop, but that’s why I don’t wanna start watching because I’ll be sitting there with a stomach ache waiting for awful shit to happen just to find out what will happen next and that’s stressful. TV watching shouldn’t be stressful.

Annoyed by:
So I had the bed to myself for 4 nights, which was HEAVEN, but now that Brian’s back I can’t sleep a wink with him there even though he’s totally being still and quiet.

Also, I hate when I have strange dreams about people I knew from high school and those dreams stick with me all the next day and annoy the shit out of me.

Also, that I didn’t make a Bookmark Dump post for yesterday, but I didn’t have any links to share. The internet was boring this week.

That this section has the most things.

To buy a pair of cheap jeans so I can cut them exactly the way I want into shorts for the summer. I don’t know what’s so hard about finding a pair of light blue, distressed, hem-not-folded-over, not too tight, not too short, shorts that cost under $40.

Lachlan is enjoying his sandbox and water table outside in our yard and it’s nice to not have to be on top of him protecting him from falling on his face every second. Though he discovered he can climb on the couch (and all furniture, really) so I can no longer keep remotes, cell phones, tablets, yarn, cookies, etc, away from him up there. We have to get up to change the channel now just like we did 20 years ago for our parents.

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