December Bluum Box: 13 months

December 21, 2016

We got this month’s Bluum box earlier than usual. It feels like I just posted about our November box because I kinda did!

Here’s what we got in Lachlan’s 12 month box:

  1. Organic baby bubble bath ($9.99 value)
  2. Melissa & Doug farm lacing beads ($9.99 value)
  3. Dr. Seuss Birthday book ($9.99 value)
  4. Clive and his Hats book ($4.99 value)

Total value of box: $34.96
Total cost of box: $34

Another box that just breaks even but that’s alright. I was kind of disappointed with the selection this month. There wasn’t so much to choose from for some reason, and when I went to choose items for January’s box there was even less available, so I emailed them and asked to skip a month, so there won’t be a post on our 14 month box. I’m not sure what’s going on, if I’m missing the deadline or something and nothing is left by the time I get there. I’m going when they alert me via email, who knows.

I’ve never been so back and forth about a subscription box before. There’s times where it’s awesome, and times where it’s frustratingly not even worth the same amount you pay. But luckily the boxes I’m receiving are paid for with referral points.

Regardless, I’m going to give the Clive book to a friend of ours with a kiddo of the same name because I thought that was pretty cute.

If you wanna see if you have better luck than me and wish to sign up, click this link and use code EARLYGIFT at checkout for $40 off your first box.

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