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Where we are right now:
I’m currently taking a break from the crochet along.

Past crochet-along projects:
November 2013: Star Garland
October 2013: Snood
September 2013: Round ripple baby blanket
August 2013: Hexagon table runner
July 2013: Cuff bracelet or Watermelon coasters
June 2013: Beach bag
May 2013: Flowerpot cozy
April 2013: Tiny cacti
March 2013: Knotted headband
February 2013: Your choice of Valentine’s projects
January 2013: Mary Jane slippers
December 2012: Slouchy beanie
November 2012: Granny square pillow
October 2012: Rainbow nesting bowls

What is it?
The crochet along (also known as a ‘CAL’) is a monthly challenge to get you excited about crochet. We will vote on a crochet pattern to make, work on it together, and share the finished results in a link up here!

How will it work?
Each month I’ll choose 2 or 3 patterns of interest and leave it up to a vote for which one we will do. After the vote, I’ll announce it here near the 1st of the month and we’ll get to work! I’ll include a link to the original pattern (which will be a free pattern already available to the public online), and any photos and helpful links. You are free to leave comments asking questions too, and either I or another reader can try and help you. Eventually, I’d like to include video so we could literally work on it together but my current video cam doesn’t have auto focus, so I’ll try my best to get you started with photo tutorials.

What if I finish early and want something else to work on?
I’m still working on the details of this, but I’m thinking of including a little extra challenge mid-month for people who finish early and would like the extra work. Perhaps it will be the item that didn’t make the vote or something totally random.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate as long as you can read a basic pattern. Or if you don’t read patterns, but can figure out basics on your own, then go for it! I won’t be detailing each and every stitch. These crochet-alongs are assuming you know the basics.

Here’s a few resources on how to read a crochet pattern: 1, 2, 3, 4 (video) and here’s a link to my post, The Ultimate “Teach Yourself How to Crochet” Resource List. **NEW: I’m making video tutorials. Click here to see them.

Will the crochet projects be easy?
Yes! I still consider myself a newbie so the projects I pick will be easy. Basically, if I get totally stumped on a crochet pattern, I won’t list it in the voting options. And projects won’t be huge like afghans. The object of this is not to make anyone rip out their hair and cry! But that doesn’t mean the projects will be boring. I have my eyes open for cuteness, functionality, and trendiness.

Where can we share our work?
You’ll get to link up to your finished project here on The Curious Pug at the end of the month. To do that, you can write a blog post with your photos and submit the URL to the link-up or if blogging’s not your thing, upload your photo to an account like Flickr and submit the photo’s URL to the link-up that way. If you are on Twitter, use hashtag #CrochetAlong to share your progress or any questions you have!

What if my project looks like a hot mess?
No one is here to judge you so it’s totally up to you if you want to submit a photo or link up. You can work on your own without making a peep or you can leave comments asking questions. But why not link up anyway so you can go back and see the progress you’ve made over time?

Can I change the pattern or colors of the chosen project?
Absolutely. You don’t have to follow the pattern exactly. If the project calls for blue yarn and you want to use red, go for it. If you want to make it bigger or smaller based on what you want, that’s cool too.

Is there a deadline?
Each project will have a 1 month time frame from start to finish. We all have busy lives and procrastinate (totally speaking for myself with the procrastination!) so I think this is a fair time frame for getting a project done. If you want to participate after a project is already done, then by all means you can go ahead and give it a go. I don’t want anyone to feel rushed. Some of the projects may be seasonal or holiday related so unless you don’t mind making a Christmas stocking in March, that’s totally up to you!

When do the crochet projects begin?
My goal is to have each new project start on the first of the month but you can join in at any point. Don’t rush yourself just to make the crochet-along’s deadline. You can join in next month!

Habitual Homebody Crochet Along

We are also using the hashtag #CrochetAlong to chat about our progress on Twitter!