DIY Dream Catcher Catchin My Dreams

January 20, 2014

All it took was a pin on Pinterest and I was making up a checklist for my next trip to Joann’s. This post isn’t really a step by step tutorial since I used a tutorial myself. I’m just sharing what I did so you can make your own.

Materials I used:
9 inch wood grain textured embroidery hoop
Embroidery floss
Leather craft lace
Wooden beads (make sure holes are big enough to fit on leather)
Faux feathers (it helps if the big feathers have a hook on top to easily tie onto the leather)
Clear nylon jewelry string (or fishing wire)
Large pendant-like crystals or gems

I used the tutorial on We Can Re-Do It on how to weave the dream catcher face.

Then I added the beads and feathers in a random but not too random way. I used a lot of the clear jewelry string to thread the crystals on and tie to the leather because the holes were too small. The wooden beads fit just perfectly so I didn’t even need any glue to hold the smaller feathers in because they just stuck between the leather and the bead. That was lots of work but worth it!

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