DIY Faux Fur Pom Pom Tutorial

November 28, 2016

I was crocheting this pretty awesome plaid hat (pattern by Whistle and Ivy), when I realized a fur pom pom would look pretty cool on top. But two of my local craft stores didn’t have any in stock and Amazon sold them for too much money. Then I remembered I had a piece of furry fabric stored away in my craft supplies and voila, my own DIY faux fur pom pom tutorial!

This tutorial covers both an average sized pom pom and a jumbo sized pom pom.

To start, make a circle template. This circle is 5 inches in diameter and will make a great average sized pom pom, about 2 inches when finished. Trace the circle on the back of your fabric and cut.

For this tutorial, I used a contrasting color of embroidery floss, but you may wish to use a similar color thread so there won’t be any chance of it showing in the finished product. Run the thread in and out around the circumference of the circle.  This doesn’t have to be perfect. Make sure to place your starting knot on the inside of the pom pom (the back part of the fabric that’s facing you) and your final stitch coming through towards the same side.

Then gently pull the thread so it cinches the fabric closed, but don’t pull it all the way, you have to stuff it first.

Gently stuff your pom pom enough so it won’t collapse on itself, but not so full that it’s rock hard.

Continue pulling the embroidery floss until the opening is completely closed and secure with a knot.

Here, I did the same thing but with a 8 inch circle to make a jumbo pom pom, which is about 5 inches when finished.

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