DIY Hometown Pride Corkboards

March 12, 2014

I love the idea of these personalized corkboards to pin up memos or photos. I saw this tutorial on Brit + Co but this is my version. You can get the PDF’s for all 50 state shapes by clicking here.

Materials I used:
Cork board sheets cut to state shape
Xacto knife
Painters tape
Foam brush
Cutting board
Writing utensil to trace (I used pen but shoulda used chalk so I could wipe off the visible lines left over at the end).

The cutting was the hardest part, especially NY. I accidentally broke Long Island off and had to super glue it back on so be careful around skinny areas. The cork wanted to crumble. Colorado, being a square was the easiest. Duh.

After cutting I sat and thought about which state should be which color.

Then I put on painter’s tape and used the foam brush to apply 2 coats of paint.

Once dry, off came the tape. Seeing the straight line emerge was completely satisfying.

In hindsight, I should have used chalk to trace the shape out because you can see the pen I used but I didn’t have any. Thankfully it’s not too noticeable from a distance though.

Then I used small tiny nails to hang them on the wall. Voila! Now I just need some fancy tacks to hold some photos and I’m all set.

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