Experimenting With Truncated Blog Posts

June 1, 2017

Hey guys! Please bare with me while I experiment with truncated posts. Truncated posts are posts that show a small excerpt before you have to click on “read more” to continue reading. All my blogging life I’ve been hardcore anti truncated post because of having to click “read more” in my feed reader and I just never have the time (mainly, patience) for that. I’ve even unfollowed a bunch of blogs for doing that. So what the hell am I thinking?

My blog views have taken a huge hit lately and I feel like feed readers, like Feedly, are to blame because people can just read my blog posts without having to actually click over here to read my posts, which prevents my blog from getting the stats I’ve been used to seeing (not that they were all that impressive to begin with, but my numbers have TANKED these last few months). That’s also why comments are so low nowadays too, I believe. Or maybe I’m just completely boring and people have abandoned ship on the whole “she’s a mom now and I don’t care anymore.” Either way, this will help me figure it out.

So for posts after this, I’m going to play around with this and see if I notice a change in my Google Analytics. If I do, then I’ll probably keep it going. If not, then I’ll get rid of it.

If I’m being completely transparent, I would like to make more money with my blog, at least so the sponsored posts I do take on can help me pay for the renewal fees of Habitual Homebody. WordPress isn’t cheap! On more than one account I’ve debated moving back to Blogger but I just can’t. But also because I’m not working right now and if I have better numbers in Google Analytics from people clicking over to read content, that will bring me better opportunities to make money. I promise I’m not going to post ALL sponsored posts. I HATE when that happens to blogs I love. But I am going to be open to taking on sponsored posts forย products and opportunities I actually really like, think you guys would like, or feel like they will fit in with the general aesthetic of Habitual Homebody. I need that Pampers money!

Thanks for understanding and sticking around! I know things have changed in the blogging world ever since “microblogging” with Instagram has taken the lead and actual blogging has taken the backseat. I’m just trying to roll with the punches.

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