Exploring Colorado: Garden of the Gods

November 21, 2014

Last weekend we visited Garden of the Gods, a national park in Colorado Springs with over 300 towering sandstone rock formations. Some of the rocks had names based on what they looked like, and some I named myself (ahem: penis rock).

These rocks used to lie horizontally as they were on the bottom of ocean floors over 200 million years ago. And over time, they erupted out of the earth to look the way they do today. I find that fascinating!

The park itself is really easy to walk through. It’s paved and flat and it weaves through all these amazing rock formations. The only thing that sucks is finding a space to park. We went around 1 in the afternoon and had to drive the loop around twice to find a space within walking distance to the path. But admission is free so it’s worth it.

A penis rock

Kissing Camels

A face profile

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