Exploring Colorado: Lookout Mountain & Buffalo Bill

September 9, 2014

This past weekend we put down our paintbrushes and took our first trip out into the Colorado front range. Brian bought a book on easy trails to hike and this one was pretty close to where we live. Once the clouds cleared, we headed for the mountains.

The first part was a hike through a meadow. There were tons of cool looking bugs, which isn’t something I usually say, but as long as they stayed away from me, they were cool.

And right across the street was this absolutely stunning view from Lookout Mountain. The cliff we were on was incredibly scary but so worth the view. I kept imagining tripping over a rock and tumbling off the Earth. After we took a scary climb down, we ended up finding an easy pathway we could’ve taken instead so we took that back up.

A little ways down the road was Buffalo Bill‘s burial site and museum which was pretty cool to see. We grabbed some food from the snack shop which was actually really delicious. They buttered and toasted my hamburger bun. Yum! And then we saw a couple who just got engaged on a cliff. I couldn’t help but wonder if they know how high the infertility rate is!

On the way home we drove through Golden which we will most definitely be revisiting in depth in the future.

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