Exploring Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, and The Stanley Hotel

May 27, 2015

This past weekend we went on a last minute trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with some friends and the pups. We rented a pretty cool isolated cabin through the YMCA.

There were elk everywhere, even right outside our kitchen window. You’d be driving down the road and all the sudden there was an elk just chilling in someone’s yard eating their grass like, “yea I’m eatin all yo grass and I ain’t afraid of you and your camera 3 feet away. I don’t give a f*ck.” haha.

Because both of us women are pregnant, we didn’t do any hiking (which was a-okay with me), so we drove to lots of look-out points and took pics.

We saw a cluster of cars parked on the road and knew that there must be some sort of wildlife around. Turned out to be some baby owls!

Then we went up to 10,000 feet to Bear Lake which was formed by a melted glacier. It was about 40 degrees up there! I was glad I brought my winter coat even though it was May 24th.

And before we checked out of our cabin Monday morning, Brian and I went over to The Stanley Hotel for some pics! I wasn’t too happy with how they came out so I only have one good one, but it was so cool to be there. A stay at The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write The Shining! I totally was geeking out in the gift shop and bought a mug that says Room 217 (the actual hotel in The Shining is in Oregon, but this is the hotel from the mini series). Also, scenes from Dumb and Dumber were shot there. Remember the scene when they pull up in the ferrari and give out huge tips to the bell hops while walking up the stairs in ridiculous fur lined boots? These are those stairs!

Hopefully, we’ll go back in the future and take a tour. The rooms are really expensive to rent out but I’d be happy to do a tour.

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