Exploring Colorado: Roxborough State Park – South Rim Trail

October 15, 2014

Last Saturday we took a 15 minute drive to Roxborough State Park. I couldn’t believe just how close this amazingly beautiful park was to our house! It was a bit busy with other groups of people looking around, but once we split off on our own, it quieted down. There were about 6 trails to pick from, and we set off on the Willow Creek trail because it said “easy” haha. Then after a mile or so it split to either a moderate or hard trail, and since we didn’t want to turn around and end the hike, we took the moderate trail which was called the South Rim trail. It turned out to be just enough of a challenge for me where once I reached my limit, the trail started heading back down. Good god it was beautiful at the top! It really boosted our moods.

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