Exploring Colorado: Snowmobiling in Breckenridge

January 2, 2015

This past weekend, a very generous friend of ours offered up their condo to us where we stayed for a few days in Breckenridge, CO. We were so excited to get away even just for a few days. At first, we weren’t sure we’d be able to leave on Friday as planned as the roads were snowy, but around 11am it stopped snowing so we took our chances. It wasn’t bad at all. Oh, and of course I HAD to stop at a Michael’s to get a tunisian crochet hook so I’d have something to do in the cabin when Brian was snowboarding (I can’t ski or snowboard so that’s why we went on this amazing snowmobile tour).

Once we arrived, we walked into town for some food. My god it was FREEZING cold and I was wearing leggings under my jeans, two shirts, a sweatshirt and a jacket but it hardly did anything!

The next day, Brian booked us a snowmobiling tour where we rode tandum and went up 2000 feet in the back country. The weather, though absolutely freezing cold, was crystal clear which made for amazing views. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a blast. The company who does the tours also offers dog sledding which looked fun while we were waiting for our tour to start. The dogs were adorable and it was cool to see them in their element.

It took about an hour to get to the top and the view was stunning. We could see the continental divide. Our tour guide was a cool guy and let me borrow some goggles. I only had my sunglasses and they didn’t have the option to rent a pair of goggles. I didn’t wanna buy a new pair either so I was very grateful. They were a godsend too because my eye lids were pretty much frozen.

There was one part on the way back down called the toilet bowl. And it’s because it was steep as a toilet bowl’s inside. To me, it felt more like a log flume ride, that’s how steep it was. And we didn’t even see it coming! We crested a hill following the other riders, and WHOOOOOOSH we were on our way down. I screamed so loud but it was freaking awesome.

We picked the most perfect day for our ride too, as the following day was snowy and grey. Brian and I had a couples massage a few hours before we left which was amazing. I’ve had a bunch of massages before and this was seriously one of the best. And it was Brian’s first and he enjoyed it. We joked at how much like Dumb and Dumber we were acting. They filmed parts of D&D in Breckenridge (Wouldya look at the ass on that? Yea, he must work out. That was filmed in the town) so of course we cracked tons of jokes and quotes the entire time.

Anyway, here’s some pics from our snowmobile ride and weekend…

I soon realized smiling was pointless with my balaclava

The continental divide


Also, the poor dogs HATED peeing and pooing in the freezing cold. They’d pick up their paws and look at us like we were joking. If only they’d let us put booties on them. Now it’s back to work for me. Boo.

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