Exploring Colorado: The Denver Zoo

April 7, 2016

We took Lachlan to the Denver Zoo for the first time last weekend. I was so excited to see what his reaction to the animals would be. We got there early enough to get $10 off at the door, had our choice of parking, and got to walk around before the crowd got too bad. And as much as he was really looking around, taking it all in, and seemed totally content in his outward facing stroller, he didn’t seem to be too impressed with the animals. I know he’s still too little to think things are cool and it was more of us as parents wanting to give him a cool experience. But he did seem to look at the animals that were close by and moving around. We will certainly go back when he’s older!

My favorite part of the zoo was watching the penguins eat breakfast! God, they are so cute. And it was funny to see two camels humping, even though the male camel just sat on top of the female and didn’t move or even really try lol.

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