Exploring Colorado: Waterton Canyon

February 18, 2016

Waterton Canyon is part of the Colorado Trail which travels from Denver to Durango. That’s 500 miles long! We, however, only traveled about 2 bumpy miles in and 2 miles back to the car with the stroller 😉

The coolest, and scariest part of our walk was when we encountered a pack of mountain goats just chillin in the middle of the trail on our return pass. Brian was pushing Lach in the stroller ahead of me, walking slowly by. And I was following close behind. As it was my turn to pass, one made eye contact with me and I was truly terrified for a moment he would ram me! I kept imagining yelling up to Brian to just go, keep Lachlan safe! But no, he just wanted to eat whatever was on the trail next to me. Then I wondered about the car seat’s side impact rating was on the walk back.

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