Feeling Nostalgic for 90s School Supplies

September 9, 2015

1. Scented Pens | 2. Pencil grips | 3. Colored cap erasers | 4. Plain Jansport backpacks, with band patches or whiteout writing | 5. Multicolored push up pens | 6. Mead Five Star notebooks with that hard plastic cover | 7. Mr. Sketch scented markers | 8. Trapper Keeper | 9. Shaped erasers | 10. Erasable pens | 11. Math blocks | 12. Calculators for when you forgot your own | 13. Hard pencil cases | 14. Yikes pencils

Source: Ranker.com

To me, September means back to school, though in Colorado where I live now, it started August 12th. Yuck. But I always loved when my mom would take me school shopping before each school year for fresh new supplies. And now that I’m having a kid, even though there’s still years to go, I know I’ll love buying school supplies for him too….though I’m sure those school supply lists have gotten much longer and more expensive over the years.

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