Flying with a toddler: Creative toy ideas for the airplane

August 16, 2017

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Flying always stresses me out and gives me huge amounts of anxiety, now add a kid to that and I’m a nervous wreck. I was in hardcore research mode for things to pack in Lachlan’s carry on to keep him entertained on our flight from CO to NY. The toys in the image above are what I packed, but the list below contains more ideas that I just didn’t have anymore room for, but still sound entertaining:

Note: My kid likes things that aren’t toys. He’s 20 months old at the time of this flight.
Note: Please supervise your kid since these things aren’t considered “safe toys”

For the record, my kid STILL gave us a hard time and made the flight a living hell for us, but I stand by this list. My kid’s just special I guess 😉

Where to get the things:

  • The dollar store
  • Target’s $1 section
  • Your local craft store
  • Your bathroom/makeup stash
  • Your craft supplies
  • Your kitchen
  • Your office
  • Your closet
  • Amazon (for the things you can’t find anywhere else)

What to store the things in:

  • A toiletry bag
  • A drawstring bag
  • A giant ziplock bag
  • Their own little backpack

Tips to consider before buying the things:

  • Make sure the things are not messy
  • Make sure the things are relatively quiet
  • Make sure the things are cheap so if/when they are lost you won’t care
  • Imagine the things getting thrown and maybe hitting someone

The things:

  • Craft related things:
    • Pom poms stuffed inside an Altoids tin
    • Foam shapes
    • Felt animals
    • Velcro strips
    • Plastic embroidery floss container filled with snacks
    • A coin purse filled with ribbons
    • Cheerios on a string of yarn
    • Small retractable measuring tape
    • A wiffle ball with pipecleaners weaved in
    • Rope
  • Make up/bathroom/closet things
    • Pill box with compartments filled with puffs, Cheerios, Goldfish
    • Bendy hair curlers
    • Cotton balls
    • Qtips
    • Make up sponges
    • I had an old seatbelt belt that was a hit
  • Kitchen things
    • Straws
    • Their own plastic spoon/fork
    • Soft silicon pinch bowls
  • Office things
    • Post-it notes
    • Duct tape to ball up and stick on things
    • Animal shaped erasers
    • Sheet of bubble wrap
    • A wallet filled with fake cards
    • Jelly window clings
  • Snack things
    • Pouches
    • As mentioned above, put snacks in a plastic embroidery floss container
      • Goldfish, Cheeze its, Cheese sandwiches, granola clusters, strawberries, apple slices, puffs,
  • Ok, here’s a few toys
    • Koosh ball
    • Small slinky
    • Wiki sticks
    • Sticky wall-climbing spiders
    • Stretchy dinosaurs
    • Flash cards
  • Let us not forget tablet games and apps
    • Baby Blocks
    • Peppa Paintbox
    • Sago Mini Friends
    • You can now download certain movies in the Netflix app to save for later
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