Fun with chalkboard paint

August 28, 2013

Just when I thought I was done with painting, I remembered I had bought a small can of chalkboard paint from Home Depot a few weeks ago. This weekend I finally got around to painting the little strip of wall behind our unstocked and dog food-filled bar.

chalkboard paint wall and shelf

The directions said to use a foam or synthetic brush to give it as smooth a finish as possible but I just used a regular paint brush that we already had. And 2 coats later it’s smooth, but up close you can see little lines….which I suppose it going to show up regardless of what paint brush you use (the roller left little bumps). I imaging the foam brush would take forever to paint with but would probably leave a smoother finish if you’re more patient than me.

chalkboard paint

And the chalk wipes off easiest with a damp cloth. A dry cloth leaves a residue even though the can said it wouldn’t do that. Perhaps I need a real chalkboard eraser though. Also I was a little disappointed that the paint bled under the Scotch Blue tape that worked perfectly in my closet. So I’m not sure what it was about this paint that made it leak under the tape a little (I even made sure to press and press so hard to prevent leaks), but its so small you can’t really even notice it unless you are really close. It’s not enough to make me want to retouch it or anything.

chalkboard paint shelf

The little shelf is from Target. Overall,Β I love it. Drawing on it adds a little bit of color to the area. And there is also such thing as dry erase paint too! But for now, I’m all painted out.

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