Goodbye WordPress

February 4, 2016

So I decided to move my blog back to Blogger. Who the hell does that? Apparently not many people because I had the hardest time finding articles on Google. Like, out of the hundreds of redundant “how to blog” blog posts I see nearly everyday, the one that I coulda really used wasn’t out there.

I specifically wanted to know if there was an easy way to export my image library here at Wordress TO Blogger. And not even the live chat support person at Bluehost could comprehend my question. They just sent me a link to refer to that was about how to move from Blogger TO WordPress. I think they were high or something. I was so frustrated at this person too.

Anyway, I moved to WordPress in March 2013 and now I want to move back to Blogger for a few reasons…

  1. Financial reasons. I cringe every time I click renew, and more so now that I’m not working. I make some money from affiliates, but I’d like that money to go to bills, not towards hosting.
  2. I haven’t been posting as much lately to justify the cost. It puts pressure on me to produce amazing content and that doesn’t help the creative process.
  3. I just don’t get WordPress. Yes, it was easy to set up themes and the plugins were plentiful and cool, but when I looked at my cPanel at Bluehost, I had no idea what 98% of the things on there meant….FTP, DNS, SQL, WTF with all the acronyms. I just never learned that stuff and don’t have the time to. WordPress was always over my head. I’m not good at web developing stuff.

So hopefully I’ll have redirected my domain name correctly and transferred all my posts and images to Blogger by the end of the month before my account expires. I expect it to be a mess with broken links so please bear with me!

I was able to import my blog posts from here to Blogger. But I never did find a way to transfer my images from my posts here to Blogger. There were two plugins I tried that were supposed to help with this, but my library is so huge that the plugin would time out. So I’m doing it manually. Visiting each and every post (all 498 of them), saving the images, and uploading them to the corresponding posts in Blogger. And it sucks. And I have like hundreds more to go…

So, until then, I’ll be fixing things up over there and will let you know when it’s done!

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