Happy Holidays. Enjoy your layoff.

November 18, 2013

We received some devastating news last week and I’ve been waiting to know more before I share it but everything is still up in the air. My husband’s work facility is being shut down and he, among 900 other employees in the same facility, are being laid off in January. We are most likely going to have to sell our house, that we just bought and moved into not even 6 months ago, and move to a totally different state, wherever he can find work. There’s a chance we could be going to Denver since the company he worked for has a facility there, but who’s to say that won’t shut down in a year and we have to do this all over again. So we are trying to find something on the east coast: Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts. Anywhere that doesn’t require a plane ride to see our folks. But again, if Denver is all we have to go on, so be it. We have until January to decide. Not enough time.

There’s a small chance of him finding something local but it’s a very small chance and we aren’t counting on it. We JUST moved back to the east coast and now there’s a chance we have to leave again?! We are completely uspet over this. My forehead muscles hurt so bad from crying the night he broke the news. I didn’t even know that could happen. We are trying to start a family and now I don’t know what to do if we should totally stop trying and wait until things settle down. But I’m tired of living my life at someone else’s mercy. I can’t believe how easy it is to lose a job these days. The days of the past where people work at a company for 40 years are OVER. The days when jobs were secure and you didn’t have to worry every waking moment about it being ripped out from under you are OVER. No one is safe anywhere and life as you know it can change in a heartbeat. You better have a plan B, and C, and D.

I’m scared to death of living life by the seat of my pants. I am a planner, a controller, I want to have control of my destiny. I want to know all the options available to me and unless I’m a psychic, I can’t make those decisions as thoughtfully as I’d like to. Obviously we wouldn’t have bought a damn house had we known this would happen. All I want to do is settle down and start a family but it looks like that won’t be happening for us at this point in time and I’m NOT okay with that.

When life gives you lemons, right? Yea, well fuck the lemons.

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