Happy Things

October 10, 2016

I tried watching the debate last night. I watched the first one and it wasn’t so bad. But this one? Holy shit. We were eating dinner while it was on and I started to lose my appetite and feel depressed when it was covering the “grab them by the pussy” garbage so I had to turn it off. Trump is a misogynist piece of fucking shit and it scares me to death that he could possibly run this country. So today, I thought I would write up a list of things that make me happy to keep it light around here and forget about the imminent doom of the upcoming election for 5 minutes:

  1. The feeling I get whenever I see a magnificent mountain view
  2. The anticipation that cooler weather brings for the holidays
  3. Bright orange and red leaves
  4. When Lachlan goes, “ahhhhh” when he sees something amusing to him
  5. The smell of The Body Shop’s shea body scrub
  6. Having the road to myself
  7. Seeing my parents interact with Lachlan on FaceTime (though in person is even better but you know)
  8. Finding a new project to knit/crochet and finding the perfect yarn
  9. Getting my hair cut
  10. When Lachlan is standing in his crib and smiles at me when I come in to get him
  11. Eating the Halloween candy early
  12. Making photo books on Shutterfly
  13. When the library has a new crochet magazine available
  14. Halloween movies
  15. Christmas movies
  16. When the house is mostly clean
  17. When I don’t have a headache
  18. Summer BBQs
  19. Fresh corn on the cob
  20. Amazon Prime
  21. Houses with impressive curb appeal
  22. Going out for breakfast
  23. Full sized freebies
  24. Apple cinnamon scented candles
  25. Thunder storms
  26. A really good book series
  27. Soft chocolate chip cookies
  28. Vibrant sunsets
  29. The smell of wet pavement
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