Home Chef – Reviewing our first meal delivery service (Get $30 off your first box)

October 24, 2016

We’ve been wanting to try out one of the many meal delivery services available out there, but weren’t really on board to spend the full price, as they can cost the same if not more than just going to the grocery store. But a friend of ours had signed up for Home Chef with a coupon for a $30 discount and she had good things to say, so we figure and we’d finally take the leap and try it out for ourselves.

Before I jump into my review, let me break Home Chef down for you:

  • You choose your meal plan
  • You choose the meals you want to receive
  • Standard plan: Feeds 2 people, 11 weekly meal options to choose from, costs $9.95 per serving or $59.70 total for an order of 3 meals. Breakfast, smoothie and fruit add-on option.
  • Family plan: Feeds up to 5 people, 6 weekly meal options to choose from, pricing starts at $49.80
  • Shipping is free if on orders over $45
  • You can pause your subscription at anytime if you will be out of town or just because
  • Most meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare
  • You will receive a binder in your initial box, and recipe cards for each meal you receive
  • Recipes are also accessible online

(The 3 photos in this next section are from the website, I wish I could take such good food photos!)
The three meals we choose for our first delivery were normandy chicken,

Sunday supper “pot roast” steak,

and blue cheese, smoked almond and chive-crusted pork chop

The box is shipped packed with insulated liners and ice packs so if you aren’t home to accept the package, your food will stay cold and fresh.

And all the ingredients are sorted, packaged, and labeled with the meal they belong to.
SO EASY and very much appreciated!

The verdict:

  1. I really loved the ease of getting pre-packaged meals ready to go with clear simple instructions
  2. All ingredients are already measured out so you can just cook
  3. You do need to have a few very basic things on hand that aren’t included in your box, like vegetable oil, salt, and pepper, but you will be able to see what they are while you are selecting your Home Chef meals online so you can be prepared.
  4. I like that you can pause your subscription at any time
  5. I like that there are great coupon deals for first time customers
  6. The meals were very tasty and healthy and didn’t take too long to prepare
  7. It’s nice to have a meal idea already fully planned out so you don’t have to sit and think, what should I make for dinner tonight?
  8. I like the amount and variety of recipe options to choose from, including breakfast (*ahem* churro french toast with nutella, which we received in our 2nd box!)
  9. I think the plan costs a little more than I would pay by going to the store on my own, but the extra expense is worth it to save yourself the trip, time, and hassle of grocery shopping. Plus you get a recipe card to keep and use again on future meals.
  10. Overall, yes I would totally recommend trying Home Chef to my friends and family.

I invite you to try Home Chef for yourself. If you sign up using this link, you will receive $30 off your first order like I did! I think it’s definitely a deal worth trying.

This post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for this post, we paid for these meals from Home Chef ourselves. All opinions are my own.

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