Home tour: Our living room

September 4, 2013

It’s finally safe to say our living room is done. It’s been done for a few weeks now but the timing wasn’t right to take pictures because it was either messy or too dark for natural lighting. I love it in here. It’s so relaxing and comfortable.

And the dogs know they can’t come up on the furniture unless they are invited up to sit on our laps so they are enjoying their dog bed more, which no surprise, matches everything since green is my favorite color. Downstairs, where our old couch is, they can do whatever they want but up here it’s off limits and it was surprisingly easy to teach them that when I scream “AAAAAAAAHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!” that means to get off haha. Only took one day to learn.

– All the furniture is from Ashley
– Paint is Topiary Tint from Behr
– Lamps were a gift, lamp shades are from Target
– The drapes were on clearance at JCPenny
– Curtain rod is from Home Goods
– The blue blanket is from Fab.com
– The paintings were done by a local artist. Bought at an art fair.
– Dog bed is from Petsmart
– Little owl planter is from eBay
– Little black dog is from Los Angeles

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