House Hunting Part 1

March 3, 2013

The house hunt has begun and I’m bringing you with me! Yesterday we arranged to see 3 houses with our realtor, who is really great by the way. She showed us some of the houses we added to our favorites list recently and as fun as it is to see these houses, there always seems to be at least 1 thing that we really don’t like. Of course I know that it will be always be like this, it’s just a matter of time until we find one we fall in love with, despite its flaws.

House #1 had a beautifully manicured 1 acre yard with a pond in the backyard and geese. LOTS of geese. But there are so many geese because of that pond, that there’s poop everywhere even on the front porch. You probably couldn’t walk barefoot anywhere without stepping in a pile of green dookie. I like geese and it seems like it would be very pretty to see everyday but I couldn’t handle the poop up on our porch or drive way. And the dogs would totally go ape shit crazy every time they went outside. Also, the bathroom fixtures were super old. I’ve never seen a tub so shallow before. But out of all the houses we saw, this was something that could be easily changed and in our control. The other 2 houses had things that were out of control that we didn’t like so much. But some of the positive things about this house was that it had a nice layout between the kitchen, dining room and living room, there was a sunroom, central air, and a 2 car garage and was in a quiet neighborhood.

House #2 we had driven past last weekend on our drive-by run. It is absolutely beautiful outside and was equally as great on the inside only it is located on a super busy road and you can hear the cars whizzing by even with the windows closed. Having to pull out on that road everyday for work would be enough to give me a panic attack. And I imagined skidding down the driveway in the snow and not being able to stop before crashing into traffic. That sounds overly dramatic, but it was pretty darn steep! The purple tiles in one of the bathrooms were also a negative but again, something that could be fixed with time. But amongst its pluses were a brand new amazingly awesome kitchen, a sunroom with a really nice wooden deck attached, and nice sized bedrooms.

House #3 was a 1 level ranch on a dead end road so there was no traffic ever going by unless it was from a neighbor. But when you walked into the house, it stunk of dog piss! The owner is a dog breeder and handler and she currently has 5 dogs living there. I can only imagine the damage Monty would do from smelling all these dogs! It also had a really weird drop tub….which I’ve never seen before. You have to step down into the tub like a whole foot. I know if we have a kid to bathe my back would break in half bending down to scrub them or I could just lie on the floor flat on my stomach, hang my arms down over the edge into the tub and wash them that way? And the house was also located near a shooting range so you heard guns firing every few minutes. But what I really loved were the views, the huge yard, the pool, the finished basement, and the amazingly HUGE dog run. I’m talking doggie daycare size haha! But the dog run took up most of the space in the back yard, and as much as I love my dogs, I don’t want to be that in love with them, you know?

But if I had to pick a house based on just the house it self and nothing else, house #2 wins this round. But we still have a long ways to go and many more houses to see before we make an offer.

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