House Hunting Part 2 – We Made an Offer

March 14, 2013

In our online house hunt, we’ve passed over this house numerous times because the main photo they were using looked dark (hellooooo haven’t they heard of Photoshop?). But in order to be thorough, Brian clicked on it and after a while for lack of better phrase, became obsessed with it which in turn made me obsessed with it. It’s absolutely beautiful inside. Redone with updated appliances and additions. The part over the garage there is the bedroom and runs the entire width of the house. The bedrooms are huge, especially compared to what we’ve been seeing and the house sits on almost an acre. And the house looked better in person than in the photos, which seems to be the trend. It even had our bonus sun room and central air. All the items on our must have and bonus list were checked off with this house so we decided to make an offer! We couldn’t find anything negative about the house, even though it sits behind an elementary school, adding a vinyl fence just against that end would fix that. And the other 3 sides would be a wooden fence to keep the dogs in.

So we became obsessed Wednesday. We saw the house Thursday. Wrote up the offer Friday. And heard back on Saturday, which was my birthday. So if our offer was accepted and we got this house, this would be the best birthday present ever. But we left Friday night after making up our offer not feeling very confident because there was another couple making an offer as well. Having been on the market for 160 days, why the hell would they find this house NOW exactly when we did? Just our luck.


The sellers went with the other couple who made a lower offer. I had no idea that could actually happen. Our realtor was just as confused and upset. Someone must have known someone or was acting all shady on the other couples behalf for some reason. We were pretty upset just because that’s not how you play the game. We clearly gave a way better offer but they purposefully went with the lower one. And we know that the other couple had the same type of loan as us. It could have been ours! I don’t want to talk more about it other than that, but I’m already over it. I knew we had to have a heart break in order to continue on in finding the house meant for us. Having my parents here for my birthday made me get over it quicker and feel better about it.

Moving on…

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