House Hunting Part 3

March 20, 2013

More houses! I just want to mention that the houses I’m writing about are the ones that we are seeing with our realtor. There are houses we see through Open Houses but I am not writing about those since they aren’t as serious, I guess. Like, when the realtor is involved, we really like it where with open houses, we are on our own and figure sure why not go to the open house today!

Okay, so our hunt continues with House #5. It’s a corner lot which is great because that means only 1 neighbor to deal with, but because of the position of the house being caddy corner to the street, the neighbor’s house is practically in our backyard. I don’t know what it is about that, but I absolutely HATE that. If we have to be close to someone, I’d rather they be next to the house so I don’t have to see them when I’m outside (can you tell I really don’t like neighbors? Bad experiences in California, but the people are probably not as stuck up here as they were there so…) But the house did have an amazingly impressive master bedroom. Like big enough for a bed and a couch to sit on to watch movies. The washing machine was even in there in a closed closet which is kind of awesome since I wouldn’t have to lug 20 pounds of clothes through the house. We’d probably spend more time in there than any room. But I keep going back to how close the neighbor is to us and say, nope! But at least I gave this house a chance knowing it was on .4 acres. Not ideal, but if the house is great, I’m willing to sacrifice yard space.


Here’s house #6. From the outside it looks absolutely amazing. It’s probably the most attractive house on the outside that we’ve seen so far. And the inside is just as beautiful. Even the landscaping is gorgeous on .5 acres. But the downside is there is a sump pump that dumps the water out into the backyard flooding the entire corner area! It looks like a hot mess and I would really hate having to deal with that everyday and even more so when it rains. Like, the water has no where to drain. Also, there is an inground pool so that takes up a huge chunk of yard space. We aren’t sure we really want the responsibilities of owning a pool either. And finally, as great as the house is, it seems like it’s a little too big for us which would mean expensive heating bills.

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