House Hunting Part 4

March 26, 2013

Here’s the last few houses we were considering before our offer was accepted on the house we are getting.

We were in this house for not even 20 minutes before we found out that it already had a signed agreement of sale so we couldn’t do anything but leave. We were totally bummed too because we were going to make an offer. The house was perfect. Brand new, a flip I think and the landscaping was like a blank slate to do with as we pleased. Great neighborhood, smaller yard but it was this house that made me realize I’d rather have a totally move-in ready house and a smaller yard than a big yard and an older, un-updated house.

Then the day before we saw this house below, which turned out to be in terrible shape inside. It makes me mad because if we had known how crappy the house was inside, we wouldn’t have wasted our time and went to see the house above and probably woulda gotten it. The photos on the website didn’t show just how terrible the condition of the house was. It’s real easy to just not take a photo of the metal water pipes sticking out of the bathroom wall and into the living room and the bathroom door that was installed completely horribly wrong leaving chunks of the wall missing.

This whole house hunting process has been frustrating and irritating because Brian and I both drive separately to see these houses right after work and are wasting our gas and time. And most of the time I have a headache so all I wanna do is go home but we have to fight traffic to see these places only to be let down. We really wanted that top house. But ended up with an even better one 🙂

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