House Hunting Update

April 21, 2013

It’s been a while since I mentioned our house situation. Where I left off last time, we had our offer accepted on a great house, it passed inspection, and we have since we met with the mortgage guy and the house was appraised. All is fine and well. But since the sellers are looking to buy a new house themselves, it’s sort of creating a domino effect for when we can move in. They have to wait for their sellers to move out before they can move in, which is pushing back the closing date we agreed on by a week because otherwise they’ll be on the street, and we aren’t dicks so we said sure, but don’t push it back again, dicks.

So now it looks like we won’t be moving in until the end of June. We are bummed about that since we didn’t think they’d actually use the full 90 days they allowed for in the contract, but it’s all because of their sellers are waiting till school is over or something. We didn’t wanna have to make the move during the hot summer or have to endure another attack of the monstrous millipedes, but it is what it is. I still keep thinking something horrible will happen and we won’t end up moving in after all this time and we wasted all these months waiting for nothing. But I’m always the cynical one.

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