How I write a blog post in 27 steps

June 8, 2017

  1. Think of an idea: something that comes naturally, something that excites me, something that happened to me, or something I know I can write freely and plentiful about
  2. Jot down the idea before I forget in the notepad of my tablet
  3. Forget to write it down anyway but the idea pops back into my mind XΒ amount of days later
  4. Feel inspired to sit and write
  5. Start a new post, if only just the title, but save it as a draft so I can see it staring at me for a few weeks, which also serves as a reminder, until I finally get around to working on it
  6. Get the post written up but there’s no photos yet so I have to remember to take some during nap time or I’ll search through my Instagram feed to see if any of those photos would fit in with the topic of the post. As a last resort, I’ll search around on some free stock photo websites
  7. Finally got some original photos. Now to upload and edit them in Photoshop (lighten, brighten, watermark, resize, save with an SEO friendly name). Also make one square and good enough for Instagram so when the post goes up on my blog, I can share an Instagram pic about it too (but only sometimes do this because who am I kidding, people on Instagram have no time to read a blog post you made)
  8. Upload photos to WordPress
  9. Realize I misspelled Habitual Homebody in the watermark
  10. Fix error in Photoshop and upload the images to WordPress again
  11. Copy and paste the image codes into specific areas of the blog post so as to illustrate the points in the post at the right time
  12. Read, preview, and change, re-read, preview, and change, and re-read, preview and change words around about 5 more times before wording flows effortlessly, there are no typos, and so my blogging voice sounds accurate and original
  13. Starting to get excited
  14. Look at Google Calendar to see what day to set the post to go live
  15. Look at how long its been since you last posted and try to schedule it for ASAP if it’s been more than 4-5 days, or if you have another post scheduled, schedule this one for at least 2 days before or 2 days after that post so as to spread out the content I produce for Habitual Homebody more evenly
  16. Pick the date
  17. Go to back to your draft, click on text view and copy all of the HTML as is just in case an error happens while scheduling the post (like getting lost, corrupted, mis-saved or who knows what). Because this way, if you have it all copied, all I have to do is paste it into a new draft and all the hard work in the steps up until now won’t have been for nothing and you won’t scream and cry and yell and scream and wonder why the hell you are even still putting so much energy into blogging anymore
  18. Set the date of the post, read it as a preview just one last time but swear you won’t edit it anymore
  19. Schedule the damn post
  20. Post goes live
  21. Twitter tweets out a link
  22. Share it on Instagram
  23. Pin it
  24. Crickets
  25. Crickets
  26. Crickets
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