How to make a crochet star

how to crochet a star photo tutorial
I thought for November’s crochet-along project we could make something with stars. A garland, an ornament, anything. Come back around November 27th to link up and share what you made. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make one!

Update: This pattern is written using US terms. Click here to see a UK conversion chart!

Star pattern:

Start with a magic ring. 15 Dc into the ring.
Click here for my video tutorial on how to make a magic ring.
crochet star tutorial

Slip stitch to join in top of first DC. Pull the tail to close the hole (or leave it open if you wish). Chain 6.
crochet star tutorial

SC in third stitch from hook. HDC in next stitch. Dc in next two stitches.
crochet star tutorial

Skip two stitches. Slip stitch in third stitch to anchor down star arm. Repeat these last three steps 4 more times.
crochet star tutorial

When you get to the last arm of the star, you will slip stitch into the first stitch, then finish off. Weave in ends.
crochet star tutorial

crochet star tutorial

How to block your stars:

You may wish to block your star so the arms stay flat. It’s very simple to do this. All you need is a piece of cardboard, some pins, and a spray bottle of water. Flatten and stretch the star to the shape you want it to be in when dry. Pin them in that position to the cardboard. Spray liberally with water and let air dry.

(Psst, I cheated by using a hairdryer to dry them because I was impatient – my yarn was wool so I wasn’t worried about melting, but acrylic may melt this way- so be careful and maybe test one first).

When completely dry, remove the pins and you’re done!

Here’s a blocking before and after:


  1. Jodie says

    Ooo, I shall join in this month and make some of these! I’ve been crocheting snowflakes, so these will go with the Christmassy crocheting theme :-)

  2. Jodie says

    I’m really behind as I’m only just getting round to making mine, but I just wanted to say this tutorial is fab, the pictures are really clear and I love your labelling on them to make everything obvious :-)

  3. Kari says

    Love the pictures & effort you put in here. When I use this method my stars end up with gaps, not the nice tight, evenness you get. Is it my yarn? My stitches are as tight as I can make them. :S

    • says

      There are little spaces on the flat base of the pointy part because you are skipping stitches. But other than that I’m not sure. Do you have a picture?

  4. says

    Brilliant tutorial and photos. Thank you so much. I will be making the stars to applique on a throw I am making for my daughter.

  5. Leslie says

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures and be so clear with your directions!


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