I hate that I’m not surprised anymore

June 13, 2016

i can’t stop watching the coverage of the orlando massacre. it makes me so sad every time i hear about these shootings and how frequent they’ve become. it’s disgusting and heart wrenching that this is such a frequent happening in our country now. you aren’t safe anywhere. no matter how old you are. no matter where you live. i can’t believe this is our world now. i hate that i’m not surprised when i hear about yet another mass shooting because it happens so much. i can’t believe how much open hate still exists in our society today. we are supposed to be moving forward. why can’t these killers can’t just go into their own house and punch the wall instead if they are so mad about something? whatever happened to just being mad and blowing off steam in your own personal space? it’s like we are going backwards. something needs to change.

i think the only people who need assault riles, are people in the military. i’m not advocating a ban on all guns, i want a gun for my own personal protection and would never want to have that right taken away. but no one needs an assault rifle. that’s just insanity. but even if there were a ban on assault rifles, people with evil intentions would still somehow find a way to obtain them.

i don’t even know how long i’ll leave this post up. for the content i usually post on here, this is controversial and it makes me sad. i’m just sick and disappointed with the state of our world right now. we are only here for such a short moment in time. i know there has to be more love than hate out there, that there are more good people than bad, right? when a tragedy happens like this, there is always an outpouring of love and support from so many more good people than the one or few bad people that caused it.

i have so much more to say but i can’t piece the words together to make a coherent argument so i’m going to leave it at that.

my heart breaks for the innocent souls lost in orlando and their families left reeling in it. for yet another attack on america. for an attack on the LBGT community. for an attack on mankind. for the many more attacks yet to come. it will never end until something changes.

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