I left my heart in Cape May

August 7, 2014

We went to Cape May, NJ last week and we had SUCH a wonderful time! It’s the vacation spot my family has always gone to when we were kids. Brian and I went there 2 years ago, which was actually the last vacation we took before this one so it was a much needed break…especially after everything that we’ve been going through lately. It’s only a 2 hour drive from where we are now in PA so we booked a room and headed down on Monday morning. It was also a nice way to break up our month long hotel stay while waiting to move to Colorado.

We got to the beach around 1 in the afternoon but couldn’t check in to our room at the Periwinkle Inn till 3, so big deal, we just went to the beach. Our hotel was steps away from the beach where we planted ourselves every day of our stay. I couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by! We’d set up our spot everyday around 9:30 after breakfast, and all of the sudden the next thing we knew, it was 2:00. We were in the zone I tell you.

After check in, we got changed to go to the Lobster House where I had the most delicious clam chowder and crab cakes. I wasn’t always a seafood lover…there’s still some textures and smells I won’t even touch, but Brian got me into some light fish recently with his cooking skills and I’m so glad.

Day 2 we ate breakfast at Zoe’s, went to the beach till 2 again. I had a left over crab cake which I reheated in our room for lunch and then we walked over to the Cape May shops (which you have to say shoppees, btw, because that’s just how it goes). While we were walking around we had ice cream instead of dinner, realized we were still hungry (or rather I was still hungry. I’m a freakin pig on vacation) so we got pizza to go from Famous Louie’s and took it to watch the sunset…or try to set. It was cloudy that night.

On day 3 we had breakfast at Uncle Bills pancake house, which is a must. We went back to the beach till 2ish, and afterwards decided to rent some bikes and ride over to the lighthouse in that picture above. The roads were nice and flat, just my speed. When we got there, we walked around Cape May Point and Sunset Beach, went into more shoppees and then rode back to dinner at The Rusty Nail where I had more chowder and some chicken tacos. I was so damn full but Brian suggested since it wasn’t cloudy we should try to see the sunset again. So we just biked down to the end of the street to see the sunset. Riding a bike while extremely full feels very similar to being drunk.

On our last vacation day, we checked out of our room around 10, put our bags in the car but went back to the beach for one last run. This time I got burnt and the sunglass tan fully developed. We ended up going back to the Lobster House for lunch where we got chowder to eat out back on the dock, but I was disappointed as it wasn’t as good as the night in the restaurant. I was so exhausted at this point. Sitting on the beach for days really takes it out of you even though you are just sitting there! We drove back to our hotel in PA and my inlaws came with the dogs since they kindly babysat them for us.

But my god, we had such a nice time. It was so relaxing and nice not to think of anything but the sand between your toes….and butt cheeks.

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